She’d had a difficult day at work. She slogged for fourteen hours straight thinking of the following day off. She wanted to learn it all and learn it fast. Her mind was fixed on getting to the next level already. This time around, her resolve was strong. She was vindicated enough.

She reached home tired and somewhat messed. Her hair was tousled. She looked as though someone sucked the life out of her. She stepped into the house weary. She took the cell phone out of her blazer‘s pocket. A text rested on her phone since the time she stepped out of work half hour back. It read:
“Hey hun! Morning! About to reach office in 15. You sleep well and take good care…”

She couldn’t read through the following mush that often assured her of things being right. This morning, she needed more. Two big tear drops rolled down her cheek. She had missed him by only fifteen minutes! Why hadn’t he told her?
Like the sun and the moon, they existed in the same work horizon working for different time zones. He stayed back post his shift to see her. They walked long miles holding hands caring no more till he walked her to work before taking his way to home. All this while she took it to be his work off.

“Rest well, good thing you’re off work tomorrow”, she had said.

“Yeah! I will”, he had replied to her looking straight into her eyes that did things to her. She had smiled and looked away before he had pulled her all to himself to kiss her goodbye.

She slumped on the floor; she couldn’t pull it off anymore. In mind she imagined how warm it would have made her seeing him, hugging like long lost friends before rushing home. With tears still running down her face she washed up. Her heart ached. She was silent like a cold stone.

Sobbing still, in bed where a week back he had refused to let go of her, she recalled the conversation they had had last evening when nonchalantly she had asked, “What if I’m unable to love you back? Would you be able to work this relationship out on your own?”
He had replied, “Yes, I will still love you, more than I ever did…”

She drifted to sleep.


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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