Look at the setting sun. It seems to have captured the colors I once dreamed in of you. It wasn’t for a fleeting moment; my feelings in royal blue ruled my composure for some time. My eyes reflected the golden sun even though you were nowhere to witness my eyes creasing. My heart was warm with emotions as the burning red of the setting sun. If only you had let me immerse in you letting me paint the shades of violet around. My love for you in pink longed to merge with your passion of ochre yellow expressions. My jaded green emotions had found new home in you. Before I could paint my canvas, you let the grey streak all over. No birds were flying homewards. I heard no calls anymore. Insects were quiet too… only a dull thud remained reminding me of the void.

Not long ago I was busy creating my world in your ideas. Desperately I awaited your shadow to create an illusion… till you scratched its existence.


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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