She was enjoying her day off work.

Lying on bed watching the CFLs glow much after they were switched off, she was letting that sniff of cocoa body butter take her mind to the mountains.

She closed her eyes. She saw herself watching the snow clad peak that she watched from the hotel room balcony every morning after sunrise. She heard the pines swaying. She was walking up the trail again one evening… images one after the other was making her relive the time she had spent last year post Christmas. It was a surprise and she was surprised enough.

For years she had been a big brown mollusc, tender and squashable. Every where she went, she left a trail of moisture, remaining soggy for most part of her existence. Simplest nudge witnessed her to be withdrawing into the shell of baggage she carried everywhere.

“Would you come with me if I were to ask?”, he had asked. Mountains was where he was planning to take her.

This was her chance at taking a new road… A choice she would make in a long time.

Only other day she was thinking of how perfect her story in the past was before it became the most indefinite stance. Here was to her if she cared to rewrite in present… If taking a trip together meant right things happening to a relationship, then it was happening again.

“Yes… I would very much love to!” Was she dreaming… this is what she wanted of many more things.

She looked forward to stretch her newbie wings to fly higher. Mountains was her thing.

She had transitioned to a butterfly. A big black monarch with bright yellow spots. Any one attempting to catch got some of her bright shimmering gossamer rubbed off on their fingers. That’s as far as she let anyone touch her. She left a taste of life wherever she went. She flew lightweight not stopping long enough to be captured anymore.

He let her flutter around him. He wasn’t the kinds who clipped wings to make anyone stay… and she was happy stopping by his side at intervals.

Way to reinventing passes through stages of rediscovery. A subtle rewrite in the most definite way was in the waiting…

The choice she made ensured rediscovery.


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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