It’s that feel of cool breeze atop the mountains when sun kisses the snow with its first ray. Who says fire and ice don’t exist together?

It’s that first call of the mate when the birds pair together for spring. How well they seem to know one another… perhaps from another lifetime.

That fleeting moment when he reaches out to touch her hand softly and looks up in anticipation… No words would be spoken and yet, all would be conveyed… and heard.

That anxious moment when you ponder “is it…”

That unnerving moment when things seem fleeting, like the blink of an eye. And when you chin up to look around, you realize it’s all coming true for you.

There’s something romantic about travelling. Ever-changing views passing you by flickering every second like a screen saver put on loop. Fleeting; yet, forever.

That travel between “do you…” and “I do.” is a long life in existence in another time zone. It’s that micro moment throbbing in my heart.

I am watching the sun rays reach out to glow the snow. The birdie feeling thawed responds to her mate’s call. I find myself wandering somewhere in that momentous interval where the action stops short of enactment. Like scent of flowers floating in the air that knows no bounds, I fell my heart beat rushing to celebrate the moment when his hand is about to touch mine. This is where I will to dwell, that split second time period when realization of the change to hit me the following second will wash over.

Let the sun tease snow a bit more. Let the mate call louder. Let him look up in my eye before touching my skin. I’ll live that overlapping timelines for the final time.

In you, I’ll embrace the patterns due to set.

Anew and of you.


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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