It’s bringing your vision back to me just again, this track. We haven’t spent time in any manner where we sat by or listened to music. I don’t know of your taste in music or if your idea of it is synonymous to trance alone. Listening to this track, I feel a throe of passion engulfing my state of being. I feel tempted to reach out to you.

Almost in a bio-scope like fashion, I see your face emerging in flashes. Certain memory evokes from the hides where I bury them every time this feeling passes by. I hear you say my name. I close my eyes.

I see you watching me over from a distance. The next instant you hold me… so close that I see nothing. Not even you. The time of the day don’t matter, neither does the fact that this might lead to yet another heartbreak. I seem to be inhaling in your nearness, letting my existence mellow within your essence. Your scent drowns me deep. I give in. My heart throbs in anticipation of what more could be after having you so near that my skin seem to be melting like candle flickering to keep the flame alive even though it’s only burning it down, the real craving to hold you washes over me. 

I won’t let your words dominate then. I’ll let the silence guide us. I would let your searching soul find peace in my eyes. We’ll sit still long enough…

Heart loves when heeled. You’ll someday soon. I would have moved on by then.


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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