She smacked her lips gently feigning attempt to moisten them. A familiar essence lingered on lips reminding her of him. It was only a kiss, a feather touch of his mouth on hers before they turned away.

“This is silly”, she thought in mind. Yet, her silly smile refused to mellow.

It was more than just one kiss. Each time he touched, some of him rubbed off on her. She felt in her veins the onset of change she was longing.

She had made countless efforts to hold onto a hook. No one seemed to be it or even want to become one, regardless of the fact that she wanted such an arrangement to last only momentarily… long enough so she moved on. She wanted to find her bearings to the present. She was failing to find semblance to anything that was happening. That included him too.
She was busy recalling things from the chapters where in an attempt to live, she died.

Die, she did. This was her alter that was calling the shots; hence, the perfection.

She had yearned for this since forever. Now that the things were realising, her mind was creating a picture from past setting the present in the backdrop. She was struggling within everyday recalling the past stances so someday the instances lose effect. Anything can affect only for so long. In due course, she’ll learn to laugh.

She got something to look forward to. She smiled.


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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