It’s raining

Devil’s moaning in the wind. Twigs and trees float uprooted like thoughts in mind… strong yet fleeting. Baseless vision scorch through flying objects flashing back the light it’s catching, somehow the shapes remain undefined. One moment it’s there, then gone… even though you didn’t blink.

Breathing dies in the suspended dust. Just as the ghost crouches on the floor, cool air touch the lungs. It’s now only a matter of time. The deafening wind will lose it’s form giving into the mellowing wetness. Today, the clouds didn’t rumble. It was only the wind in its fury shaking the foundations and then carrying the dug outs to newer destination. Who knows if the transported life will find new roots?

Elements are the expressions of Nature. Mild, wild and unforgiving. Make me in its strength. I am done about moaning. It’s time to move the wand to rearrange the disorderly. I’ll call it life.

PS: Cyclone like thunder storm has set in… It’s been brewing since y’de. Now in full swing. 8th October, 2014


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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