That moment when he stroked her with that big red gerberra… She lay still. She was lying awashed in his love that was more urgent than ever guided by the hunger of their souls to seek one another.

She stood firm on the shore letting the waves hit her washing away some sand from beneath her feet while retreating. There she stood watching the waves crashing on the distant rocks creating a serene landscape known only to the minds that dreamed. She wanted those waves to crash on her, dissolving her, making her smile glisten every drop that shone on the far away rocks.

She was unmindful of the tide waves rushing toward her. She was painting that picture wishing to merge into oneness with the frame when a huge wave hit her. That moment.

She stretched her arms wide open to hold the horizon letting the wave crash in through every inch of her skin. Her hair running away from her face before now mingled with the rhythm of the current. She closed her eyes and gave in.

In one swift stroke he had claimed her. That moment, she knew of no other way then to surrender. Waves after waves crashed on her drenching every pore drifting her from where she stood dreaming. Becoming one with the wave, blissfully, she floated on the sea water letting her soul taste the elements for time that seemed eternally long.

She was lying on a distant shore dripping wet. A gleeful smile played on her mouth. That moment…
“Plucked this from the decoration. They were taking it down…”, he said.

It was wee hours of early morning. How the dark of the night was lost into dawn with the first ray of hope streaking through the window glass. Hearing him speak, she was jolted out of her reverie where she lay spent feeling much loved. It was far from any perfect present; yet, held witness to the strings of her sighs where her soul touched near salvation. She placed the bunch of petals on the side table and hurriedly typed what that red flower meant.

It was her floral moment, fragrance of which shall linger forever. Afterall, doesn’t a flower inspire to merge into oneness?


About Olivia

Corporate worker, textile designer, writer.
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